Accidental Project Manager Ebook Review: Is It Legit?

Are you looking for the truth about the Accidental Project Manager Ebook and can it really show anyone how to succeed right away at project management without having to undergo complex and time-consuming formal training? You may or may not have heard of the term "Accidental Project Manager", but it basically refers to someone who has been thrust into a project management role without undergoing any formal training or having any prior experience. If this situation perfectly describes you or someone you know, then you are going to be delighted to have found this guide by Ray Frohnhoefer known as the Accidental Project Manager Ebook.

This guide provides all the help that an accidental project manager will need, taught by the very best project managers who have helped countless people overcome this exact same situation. It highlights everything that someone in this role can expect and everything they need to know and do to manage their newly assigned projects like a pro. This ebook is written by 2 highly experienced project managers and starts off with the very basics of project management before diving deep into more advanced topics like stakeholder and risk management.

What Are Some Of The Main templates Provided In The Accidental Project Manager Ebook?

The full list of templates included in this program include:

- Stakeholder Register
- Communications Plan
- Requirements Planning
- Requirements Document
- WBS Dictionary
- Milestone Plan
- Risk Analysis
- Virtual Team Contact
- Kickoff Agenda
- Project Control Chart
- Change Request
- Status Report
- Team Member Evaluation
- Lessons Learned

All templates are provided in a ready-to-use state with pre-filled examples and are fully available online.

What Are The Main Chapters Of The Accidental Project Manager Ebook And How Can It Help You?

The 7 chapters of this ebook are as follows:

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Chapter #1: The "P" - P is for People
Chapter #2: The "R" - R is for Requirements
Chapter #3: The "O" - O is for Organize
Chapter #4: The "J" - J is for Jell
Chapter #5: The "E" - E is for Execute
Chapter #6: The "C" - C is for Control
Chapter #7: The "T" - T is for Transfer

As promised, this guide is not a full theory course on project management but rather, is designed to help accidental project managers know exactly what messages to deliver math precise the right time. In short, it is all about execution and helping one to get started quickly and doing everything correctly, not trying to teach everything and making readers become an expert. The entire process is designed to be memorable and relatable to readers, with each chapter devoted to one step of the method and ending with Knowledge Nuggets. These knowledge nuggets are basically project management templates and references for further study and reading should they be required. Some of the key references include sections of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKĀ® Guide), the Project Management Institute's (PMI) standards for project management.

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of The Accidental Project Manager Ebook?

  • Sets readers on course with the highest standards that are proven to get results without requiring them to have to undergo formal training
  • Gives readers the information they need to dig further into industry-standard necessity management procedures as they grow deeply into the course if required
  • Gives readers the quick concepts they need to emphasise their study on to attain the best professional results
  • Entire ebook can be studied without supervision and completed at readers' own pace
  • Provides everything needed for basic project management with further unique knowledge nuggets provided for readers to add onto their strategies if needed...

Full Accidental Project Manager Ebook Review here! at