Ads For Authors Course Review: Does It Really Work?

Would you like to find out more about the Self Publishing Formula Ads For Authors Course Mark Dawson and is this really the essential advertising course for authors who are looking to maximise the use of their advertising dollars? As someone who has built a solid book business through multiple channels, Mark Dawson is one of the most renowned self-published authors. Some of his most famous courses include Self-Publishing 101 and the current one that we are discussing, Ads For Authors Course. Whenever Mark releases a new training course, there is usually a lot of buzz and excitement amongst the self-publishing industry given his credibility in this field.

As the creator of Self Publishing Formula, Mark is someone who has written suspense action thrillers and mystery based on fictional characters such as Isabella Rose and John Milton. Today, he is recognised as one of the top best-selling authors who has sold millions of copies of his books. He does a lot of heavy advertising and promotions through Amazon with great success, and it is this main skill that is the focus of his training program called Ads For Authors Course.

Mark Dawson's Ads for Authors | Self Publishing Formula

What Training Materials Can Members Of Self Publishing Formula Ads For Authors Course Mark Dawson Expect?

This is a premium course whereby Mark is constantly updating the membership area with his latest and best practices. He works directly with Amazon and Facebook to make sure all the strategies that he teaches are working and effective in the current marketing world. The entire training program is step-by-step in nature and comes with different formats of training materials that make it suitable for students of all learning styles.

The training modules that have been included in Self Publishing Formula Ads For Authors Mark Dawson course are as follows:

Module 1

Why use Facebook? (Answer: because it works like gangbusters).

Module 2

  • Facebook General Principles
  • Deciphering the power editor
  • The structure of Facebook ads
  • Basics: creating a campaign
  • Basics: precise targeting
  • Ninja tips
  • Compliance...

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Module 3

  • Using Facebook Ads to Build Your Mailing Lists
  • Purpose and my results
  • How to create a high performing ad
  • Example ads: good and bad (extended)
  • Highly converting landing pages
  • Pain-free monitoring: keep your ads in line and on budget
  • Welcome to my mailing list: precise email automation sequence
  • How much are subscribers worth?
  • Mailing list hygiene
  • Understanding your readers with surveys
  • Facebook's shiny new toy: Lead Generation campaigns

Module 4

  • Using Facebook Ads to Drive Sales
  • Purpose and my results
  • Optimising Amazon as a landing page
  • Amazon Associates and affiliate links
  • Creating your ad
  • Data doesn’t have to be scary: monitor your ads for just five minutes each day
  • Troubleshooting
  • Examples: good and bad (extended)

Bonus Module #1

Twitter Ads – brand new content to leverage organic (in other words, free) growth on Facebook’s main competitor.

Bonus Module #2

YouTube Ads - how to take your Facebook video ad and get extra bang for your buck by using it on YouTube.

Bonus Module #3

Copywriting for ads – you’ll need to write catchy copy, and we’ll show you how.

Bonus Module #4

Amazon ads – want to know how to advertise on the biggest retailer in the world? I’ll show you how...

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