AdworkMedia Review - Is AdworkMedia CPA Legit?

Are you thinking about joining the AdworkMedia CPA network but you want to know first if they truly do deliver on their promises of having the best converting campaigns in a large variety of niches, with more than 200+ Incent and non-intent offers in their offer base? AdworkMedia CPA is a platform that offers solutions not only for content monetisation but also for app developers. Located in the US, this network provides incentives for publishers to monetised their web traffic and has built its brand on the internet today as one of the top reputable CPA affiliate network.

The main revenue model of AdworkMedia is CPA, and currently runs more than 2,500+ affiliate campaigns world-wide. Through this network, thousands of website owners, content publishers, app and game developers are able to monetise their work and generate good profits. Prior to approval, AdworkMedia CPA always reviews any app or website that they are about to add, ensuring the highest quality of all offers. Today, more than 50,000+ publishers are monetising web traffic through this platform and reporting great experiences with it.

Adworkmedia CPA For Life : April 2013

What Are The Available Lockers In AdworkMedia CPA?

  • Link Locker And Shortener

Unlike most other lockers and shorteners, the ones in AdworkMedia CPA are slightly different and only pay on conversion and not on views. Their link shorteners are one of the most reputable on the internet, allowing publishers to create link lockers via the tools available in the platform to provide real value on their landing pages.

  • Content Lockers

These are lockers whereby users have to complete offers before unlocking the content on site. It is basically a premium content locking feature that is one of the latest monetisation features in the platform, and they work best for content that uses have higher urgency to watch...

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Tools available on the AdWork Media
  • Offerwall

The offerwall blocker rewards users with free access to points or premium content when used on GPT sites or in-game etc. This is one of the most common tools in most performance-based affiliate networks, but AdworkMedia CPA's is highly customisable, allowing publishers to display personalised offers to users based on their country, history and interest.

Adwork Media offerwall review
  • Product Locker

Compared with other lockers, this locker has shown to generate the highest percentage of leads and is truly one of the more unique lockers in AdworkMedia CPA as they are the first in the industry to introduce this. Statistics show that conversion rates can be hiked to as high as 50%, depending on the product quality, while the average conversion rate for links and banners is single-digits, and content and link lockers are about double-digits.

  • Wordpress Plugin

This plugin lets users not have to manage things manually and instead let the plugin automate more of the mundane work. The options on the plugin are monetisation options that help publishers monetise their Wordpress blogs easily and quickly.

  • Global Traffic Monetizer

Through the link shortener, publishers can monetise pop-under traffic, mobile traffic, parked domain traffic, redirect traffic and more. This allows publishers to monetise exiting traffic and is another one of the more effective tools in AdworkMedia CPA network...

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