Adya Water Filter System Review - Does It Really Work?

The Adya Water Filter System works together with the Adya Clarity Solution to ensure the cleanest most pristine and best tasting water on this planet. Equipped with a 0.2 micron size ceramic filter in the top tank, it can effectively remove all sediment.

The filtration system saves users time and effort for filtering every glass of water and ensures they have a continuous supply of treated water readily available with a convenience spigot dispenser.

Product Features

The Adya Clarity Filter System is equipped with a top of the line Four-Layer Earth Filter to ensure water purity.

  • Activated Carbon absorbs a large range of contaminants.
  • Silica Sand removes granular contaminants, colloids and suspended solids.
  • Zeolites reduces odour and heavy metals from water.
  • Ion Exchange Resin removes harmful heavy metal ions, and replaces them with less harmful ions.
Adya Clarity Gravity Filtration System Assembly Demo - YouTube

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Adya Water Filter System Specifications:

  • Filtration Method – Gravity-fed
  • Filter Media – Micro Ceramic, Activated Carbon, Zeolites, Silica Sand, and Ion Exchange Resin
  • Dimensions – Fully assembled 13B x 23H (in) / Assembled without base 11B x 18H (in)
  • Capacity – Top Tank holds 1.3 gallons (5L) / Bottom Tank holds 2.6 gallons (10L)
  • Material – Food grade HDPE #2 BPA-free plastic
  • Weight – 9 lbs.

“Residents of California and Iowa – Due to certain restrictive water treatment registration laws, Adya Clarity may NOT be sold to residents of Iowa, and may ONLY be sold to California Residents for Outdoor and/or Recreational uses. Please ONLY use Adya Clarity for Outdoor/Recreational uses if you live in California. For more information please reference” “The Adya Portable Water Filtration Unit and replacement filters are NOT available for residents of California or Iowa due to certain restrictive water treatment registration law. For more information please reference” California Residents – Once treated we recommend filtration with an outdoor/recreational filter...

Full Adya Water Filter System Review here! at