Affiliate Promo Formula Review - Does It Really Work?

Are you interested in learning more about the Affiliate Promo Formula and can it really turn students into super affiliates capable of earning a full-time living online, even if they have zero online marketing experience? Unlike most other affiliate marketing training made by fake gurus who have no internet marketing experience, Affiliate Promo Formula is one system created by one of the very best in the online marketing world, John Thornhill.

This is a video-based training program that provides step-by-step instructions for all aspiring marketers interested to start making a full-time living from the internet. The formula that John is revealing in this coaching program is one that allowed him to generate more than $1 million in profits over the course of his internet marketing career. If you too aspire to become a super-affiliate who can simply rely on your affiliate income for a living, then the Affiliate Promo Formula course is definitely something that you will be interested to find out more about.

Affiliate Promo Formula

What Are The Training Materials That Come With Affiliate Promo Formula?

This training program comes with a main ebook, together with video tutorials, transcripts and PDF training material. There are a total of 15 main video modules that are great for visual learners, as well as MP3s and PDFs for those who prefer to listen and read. We have also found checklists and mind-maps that keep the entire learning process on-track and organised. These files can be downloaded onto a mobile device such as the iPhone and iPad, which makes learning on-the-go very convenient. Members also get great customer support from John's team for both training course materials and technical support...

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The breakdown of training materials taught in the Affiliate Promo Formula course include:

*Learn the basics of affiliate marketing

*Learn how to set up your own site

*Learn where to find products to promote

*Learn which products you should promote

*Learn to do before pre-launch begins

*Learn what you should be doing during the launch

*Learn what to do on launch day

*Learn what to do if you don’t have a list

*Learn how to build a list fast…and a lot more

Is Affiliate Promo Formula Right For You?

This strategy is mostly about making money with product launches, and doing so effectively requires a proper strategy and planning process. Affiliate Promo Formula teaches exactly how to do this and avoid all the expensive and time-consuming mistakes that beginners make. For even more protection, students are given a 60-day money-back guarantee and can decide within 60 days if they wish to proceed with the training materials...

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