Aikon CMS Review - Is It Legit?

Would you like to find out the truth about the Aikon CMS Joomla provider and are they really one of the most innovative and advanced platforms that is accessible to everyone like what its founders and team claim it to be? Aikon CMS has set out to be the leader in a wide range of end-to-end projects. These include mobile and web apps, websites, e-commerce software, digital products and more. They have the stated of goal of creating “Beautiful Web for everyone, anywhere, anytime”. Their extension are made great because of their easy-to-use code that is combined with beautiful design to help users create best versions of their final published project interface.

aikon CMS: Creative Joomla Extensions, Modules and Plugins
  • Aikon Youtube BG Video

This extension allows users to reduce the loading times of their websites to give visitors a visual treat when they stream from Youtube.

  • Aikon Easy Parallax

This extension allows website developers to set flexible parallax sections in just seconds to immediately improve the look and feel of their websites.

  • Aikon Revolution Animations

Offering more than 50 animation options, this extensions is used by web developer to animate their websites and does not require encryption.

  • Aikon Easy Form Builder

With this extension, users are able to pick from any of the design-ready templates in the library or customise from the available themes to create something that suits their own website needs...

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Aikon CMS review
  • Aikon Animated Menu

Without having to add another template or menu again, web developers can use this extension to customer the color scheme and look of the menu easily and seamlessly in just a few clicks.

  • Aikon Magic Popup

This extension allows users to customise every aspect of the popups ranging from its appearance delay to the number of times the window is shown to each user. It can then allow users to set up their fully responsive pop-ups containing widgets and add them onto the biggest platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Aikon CMS Review
  • Aikon Super Preloader

This extension is used to help developers optimise the performance of their sites while still being able to show highly impressive animations that capture visitors' attention...

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