Airmeet Review - Are Airmeet Virtual Events Legit?

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Would you like to find out more about the Airmeet Virtual Events platform and is this really one of the best online apps today for running engagement-driven events, webinars, fairs,conferences and other types of online meetups? Today, the Airmeet platform is being used to host 1000s of events every month all over the world and used by some of the top companeis and brands in th world. Some of them include Volvo, Walmart, HackerRank, Accenture, the University of Toronto, and more. Airmeet is capable of helping users keep their audience at the center through fully customisable engagement spaces and dedicated conversations.

With Airmeet Virtual Events, users are now able to run and monetise events from any place around the world with ease. Users can comfortably host events that are easily scalable and built for enterprises adn communities of all sizes. In terms of pricing, Airmeet has a free trial version, afterwhich their paid version starts from US$99.00 a month.

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What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Airmeet Virtual Events Platform?

  • Allows users to continue working efficiently and with their teams despite the pandemic
  • Is rated as the most flexible online meeting platforms out of all online meeting platforms and apps
  • Helps users to experience something as close to an in-person meeting experience as possible
  • Highly affordable and made easy-to-use to cater to even the least technical of users
  • Integrates online events creation, registration and delivery all into one seamless platform
  • Helps to boost events engagmenet and ROI
  • and much more!

Can You Stream into Airmeet Virtual Events From Other Platforms?

Airmeet is fully capable of streaming session from other popular platforms such as Youtube. To do so, users simply need to configure it to when setting up the session of their Airmeet Virtual Event and then choosing "Use A Streaming Software" when adding session. Users will then receive a stream URL and stream key which they can then use to enter into their streaming source.


In summary, the Airmeet Virtual Events platform has been shown to be an affordable and powerful solution for anyone who wishes to set up online meetings and events without needing to have any technical knowledge. Therefore, if you too would like to start hosting highly engaging virtual events and start delivering highly immersive event experiences to all attendees, then we highly recommend you to learn more about Airmeet Virtual Events at the button link below!

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