Alec Deacon Pocket Farm Review - DOES IT REALLY WORK?

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Alec Deacon Pocket Farm Guide's Aquaponics System?

  • Provides all the important proteins required for survival and maintain our bodies that are absent in vegetables
  • Requires little water, no nitrogen-rich plant foods and is very easy-to-setup
  • Does not involve the heavy costs of filtering water
  • Taps into the best of both worlds of fish farming and hydroponics with none of their drawbacks. This is because the fish waste is amnia-rich, making it the perfect plant food for your fish. In return, the plants purify the water so the fish can have a clean environment to live in
  • No real work required, meaning no fertilising, watering or bending up and down since the entire farm can become self-sustaining
  • and much more!
Pocket Farm

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