Alex Fortey's Simple Senior Swing Reviews - Does It Really Work?

Are you looking for more information about Alex Fortey's Simple Senior Swing Method and is it really the number 1 golf program for seniors on the internet as its founder claims it to be? Indeed, this is the first program of its kind that provides specific golf training for members over the age of 40, even though the golfing principles can work for golfers of all ages. Developed by professional golf instructors, this system is refreshingly different from most other generic golf training out there in that it helps seniors maximise their abilities and experience.

Through this system, both professionals and low to high handicap golfers who used to have trouble breaking 100 in their golf game have found it to be extremely beneficial and finally break through of the obstacles that they were facing. The professional trainers behind this system are Alex Fortey and Shawn Clement, both of whom are well-respected golf instructors who have created a highly effective and easy-to-understand language.

Alex Fortey's Simple Senior Swing Method

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Is It Really Necessary To Use Alex Fortey's Simple Senior Swing Method?

Most senior golfers aspire to improve their golf game by trying to swing with more strength by hiring professional golf instructors, buying new gear, adjusting their posture, and spending a lot of money and time at the same time. This is not to mention the fact that they are adding on a lot more physical risks to their golfing practice that could take them out of the game for good if they are not careful. With Alex Fortey's Simple Senior Swing Method, there is a complete deviation from this traditional practice and instead, targets the specific approaches that seniors can use to enhance their game without putting themselves at risks or wasting their time and money on bad practices.

One method that is taught by Alex that is more difficult for younger players with less experience to pull off consistently is called "Straight As An Arrow". This technique requires much better focus and is indeed very powerful when mastered by senior players who have the mental composure to execute this. Having the advantage of age gives a golfer the ability to focus on the right areas and properly harness their wisdom, experience and patience that they have acquired.

What Are The Main Benefits That Members Of Alex Fortey's Simple Senior Swing Method Have Gained?

  • Learning to perfect the skill of using the weight of the golf club to generate more consistent golf shots
  • How to properly hit the ball further as one gets older without adding on the risk of injury
  • How to add no extra effort while still being able to achieve more lag
  • How to ensure better contact with the golf ball by gripping the golf club correctly
  • A simple and easy drill with two tees that encourages a ball first then turf impact position...

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