AliDropship Basic Package Review - Is It Legit?

Would you like to find out more about the AliDropship Basic Package Plugin and are you going to enjoy using it, or is it just another waste-of-money e-commerce tools? Having used this plugin, we must say we absolutely LOVE this tool. The AliDropship Plugin developers have created something that is worth every penny for a store owner. If you have a similar store then you already know how hard it is to manage it, but this tool makes it as easy as a few clicks to add and manage products.

You simply browse and choose the products you want to add and once you have chosen, just click a button and they are auto imported to your site. You can then customize the products as you wish and apply custom formulas (simple school maths) to set your profit margins. The beauty is that your profit margins stay consistent with the price automatically, and adjust if the price is adjusted by the supplier. In addition, the products are automatically updated/ removed in line with the suppliers updates on Aliexpress. This feature alone saves a HUGE amount of time and effort in monitoring your store's products to ensure they are up to date.

Is AliDropship Basic Package Plugin Custom Store Worth It?

For those who do not wish to get bogged down by extensive developer talk and are less tech-savvy, the Custom Store option would be great for them. This Custom Store option allows customers to purchase a custom store that comes pre-loaded with AliDropship Plugin capabilities and is exclusive to use on the Wordpress platform. How it works is basically as follows:

  • Based on your needs, you will pick a package that best suits you
  • Put in an order for a custom store design
  • Start building your store after being contacted by a personal manager to finalise on every detail about your newly purchased store
  • Have the AliDropship Plugin team build for you a premium dropship custom store
  • Start importing and selling products right away by following the step-by-step tutorials that comes with the Custom Store option

There are 3 different packages at different price points, with the most expensive one being the most-hands free and having the most number of ready-made features.

AliDropship Plugin Premium Store Review

Compared to the custom store, the premium store option does not provide the customisation features. Instead, you will be getting the themes, products and images in-built which have been known to do well for the products that you are looking to sell. It costs about the same as the custom store, and whether or not it is the better option for you or not really depends on your own preferences. The premium store option provides the assurances that your store will only include the products that are doing well, but takes away the features of customisation if you are more creative and like to experiment things on your own.

AliDropship Vs Shopify Review: Which Is Right For You?

To decide whether one of better than the other for you, it is necessary to consider their differences to know which is is more likely the better option for you.

  • AliDropship integrates into WooCommerce and Wordpress, whereas Shopify is the CMS

AliDropship is a plugin that integrates into the Wordpress content management system, whereas Shopify is a content management system itself that also comes with domain for $14 a year and web-hosting. The upside for AliDropship is that there are no monthly fees, while Shopify allows the use of free and paid apps such as Oberlo...

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  • AliDroship one-time fee vs Shopify's monthly costs that requires Oberlo

The standard costs of operating both these stores are as follows:

Shopify Monthly Cost: $29 (basic), $79 (standard), $299 (advanced)
Oberlo Monthly Cost: Free (up to 50 orders per month), $29.90 (basic), $79.90 (pro)

AliDropship One-Off Cost: $66.75 (After our 25% discount – provided below) for unlimited usage
Web Hosting (optional): $48 per year (included free SSL) – Hosts up to 5 websites

Both provide great 24/7 customer support in our experiences. Even though AliDropship is a one-time fee solution, all users get unlimited lifetime updates and support on their plugin.

  • Custom-Store option of AliDropship

Shopify requires the building of your own store, whereas AliDropship provides a custom-store service that has been discussed above. This is a great service for anyone who wants to get their stores up and running quickly and do not have sufficient knowledge and experience to do it themselves. Here is exactly what is provided by members of AliDropship:

  • Niche research, selection & competitor analysis
  • A personal account manager who does all of the work (after consultation with you)
  • Unique design, logo and banners
  • .com domain
  • 50+ products (depending on package)
  • AliDropship plugin
  • Social pages
  • Basic on-site SEO
  • Social media promotion tool (depending on package)
  • Promotion video (depending on package)

In terms of SEO, we have also found AliDropship to be superior as there are quite a few limitations when it comes to Shopify's SEO. They are as follows:

  • Uneditable canonical tags – Can result in duplicate content issues
  • Uneditable robots.txt file – Certain pages can be indexed and crawled when they should not be
  • Forced URL structures – Can be an inconvenient issue to have, especially if you understand how SEO can be affected by URL structures

These are the reasons why we generally prefer AliDropship for our ecommerce stores these days, especially since we have observed how important organic search traffic is to our ecommerce business.

What Exactly Do You Receive By Buying AliDropship Plugin?

The plugin come in the form of Wordpress theme and plugin zip files. If you are used to Wordpress you will simply have to upload it as a normal theme and plugin. Once activated you will find a dashboard within your Wordpress admin panel. From there you will be able to customize your store template and alter various aspects of your site.

The most important thing about an ecommerce business site is the product and here the plugin make everything easy. You just have to input your keywords and the plugin automatically download an import list where you will be able to choose the products you want. You are given options of picking products depending on price, total orders on aliexpress etc. This significantly cut out the amount of time that you would have spent doing it manually otherwise...

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