Alpha Industries Review - Is It Legit?

Are you thinking about purchasing from Alpha Industries and you would like to know if you can really trust the company and the quality of their jackets? Even though most of the jackets that we have bought here are made from China, just like most other platforms, we have found the quality from Alpha Industries to be much better than its competitors. Our jackets fully fitting to the size chart and was heavy duty construction that was very well worth the price that we made for it. It was also not a knock-off and all of the sizes were spot on and long enough that they did not ride up our belly or back...

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Alpha Industries MA-1 TT Jacket Black | END.

What Is The History Of The Alpha Industries' Jackets?

Going back to the 1950s, the iconic MA-1 flight/bomber jacket was the flight jacket of the US Navy Pilots, Air Force and ground crew. Rooted in the US military, Alpha Industries has been awarded contracts by the Department Of Defense since the 1960s and has been producing jackets for American service members during the Vietnam War. 2 notable changes have been made to the MA-1 from the B-15 which was its predecessor:

  • The MA-1 flight/bomber jacket was made reversible and added a bright orange lining. Its purpose was to be able to signal rescue personnel in the case of an airplane crash. (The MA-1 Skymaster does not have orange lining.)
  • The MA-1 discarded the fur collar in favor of a knit collar because the fur collar interfered with the parachute harness worn by aviators.

Should You Really Buy From Alpha Industries?

For the prices that they charge, we certainly feel that the jackets are very well worth the money and are better than most of the mall brand jackets that we purchased before...

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