AltFINS Review - Does AltFINS Crypto Really Work?

What Are The Main Features Of AltFINS Crypto?

  • Curated charts - technical analysis on top 30 altcoins
  • Automated chart pattern recognition
  • Coin screener using technical indicators (> 60 analytics)
  • Signal summary with over 50 pre-set trading signals
  • Twitter news feed and events calendar from hundreds of crypto projects
  • Alerts for price, price change, signals, news and events
  • Trading across multiple exchanges with unified order management
  • Portfolio tracking
  • Clean, ad-free user interface

Is AltFINS Crypto Right For You?

With a wide array of tools like its currency analyser that is capable of producing more than 50 trading signals on not just the top 30 leading altcoins and Bitcoin, but also the smaller cap coins, we have to say that AltFINS Crypto is definitely one of the most useful tools for any serious cryptocurrency trader. We have found it remarkable how the platform is able to automatically recognise chart patterns so quickly and then alert users whenever these chart patterns show up. Therefore, if you are experienced with trading certain patterns and know the ins-and-outs of each pattern like their success/failure rates, then we are sure you are going to find AltFINS Crypto's chart recognition tools invaluable...

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