Aromahead Institute Reviews - Is Aromahead Institute Reviews Aromatherapy Certification Program Legit?

Would you like to find out more about the Aromahead Institute Aromatherapy Certification Program and will it really show students how to become certified clinical aromatherapists and have the most rewarding experiences of their lives? By completing this program, students will be able to become certified aromatherapists and know how to create trust with clients who are just getting to know them. Their aromatherapy certification program provides professional qualification in the therapeutic use of essential oils and last 235-hours.

After going through the course, students can be expected to know the following:

  • How to create blends to support clients with specific health challenges
  • Get feedback and support from their personal case study instructors
  • Use the knowledge to build a new career in aromatherapy or use it to complement your existing practice or career
  • Earn 2 certificates, one designation as a Certified Aromatherapist and another as an Essential Oil Specialist...

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Aromatherapy Certification Program

Why Choose Aromahead Institute Aromatherapy Certification Program Over Others?

The founder of Aromahead Institute, Andrea Butje, is one of the most experienced practitioners that we have found in the essential oils industry.  Hence, we believed that they would provide the best essential oil education that we could learn from home with, and so far Aromahead Institute Aromatherapy Certification Program has definitely not disappointed and are fulfilling their stated mission very well. Their stated mission is stated on their website as follows:

"The Aromahead Institute seeks to make the study and therapeutic use of essential oils widely accessible to casual learners and healing arts professionals around the globe through our state-of-the art online study program. By following an evidence based curriculum approach to incorporating intensive science and practical hands-on instruction, The Institute aims to elevate the science and study of aromatherapy to deliver its ability to heal and enhance wellbeing to individuals and professionals alike."

What Are The Main Skills Taught In The Aromahead Institute Aromatherapy Certification Program?

  • Learn the #1 secret of making your own recipes and blends, while ensuring their safety and substitutions
  • Learn how to convert your aromatherapy passion into a thriving career or lifestyle if you choose to
  • Learn every necessary skill to become a certified aromatherapist
  • Understand the chemical components of any essential oil without requiring any prior chemistry knowledge...

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