ArtPal Reviews (Is ArtPal Safe?)

Would you like to learn more about the ArtPal platform and is this really the best platform for both seasoned and new artists to buy and sell art online? On ArtPal, artists can sell prints, originals or their own Print-on-Demand service too. There are no memberships at all as ArtPal is a free gallery whereby artists can set up online to sell or buy art.

For aspiring professional artists, they are able to market their artwork and accept customer payments. Within just minutes, artists are up-and-running selling on the platform and getting more sales. It is basically just like the Etsy platform, except that it is for artists work only.

Sell Your Art! Create Your FREE Gallery on ArtPal

Does ArtPal Really Work?

From what we have seen ArtPal's Helpdesk are really efficient when it comes to making sure anyone who wants to start selling their artwork can have their work listed as soon as possible. They also handle all technical issues for their sellers and are extremely focused on customer service. All of these services are provided at no extra costs.

Overall, we have been really satisfied with our experiences with ArtPal and can recommend all artists to try it out. They offer the highest reliability services for both buyers and sellers and are always looking to make sure everyone maximises their usage of the platform...

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What Are The ArtPal Fees?

This is a very common question amongst those first interested to join, and the answer is that it is completely free to sell on ArtPal. ArtPal takes no commission on sales of original artwork and prints that sellers sell themselves. ArtPal sets a base price for print-on-demand products which they allow users to set tier profit above and beyond the base price.

What Are The Features And Benefits Of Joining ArtPal?

  • Order payments are deposited quickly and directly into seller's Paypal account
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions are included to show artists who to set up their galleries
  • Really easy to load photos and complete the details
  • ArtPAl does not misdirect, spam or try to trick its users
  • Is fast and does not have any glitches on its platform
  • The best platform in our opinion for artists to show and sell their artwork
  • Images, including the large ones, load really quickly, which is surprising when we compare it with other platforms...

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