Auto FX Pro Review - Is It Legit?

Do you want to learn the truth about Auto FX Pro Trade Copier and what you can expect to learn from it? The following are the tools and indicators that you will get after joining this service:

1 Super custom indicator $199

A trading indicator that lets you input your trading rules and if it scans and finds signals that meet your criteria, signals will be generated. Traders allegedly don’t need knowledge in coding.

2 AutoFXPro Remote Trade Copier $149

Like the name suggest, this is a copy trader that copies trades across multiple accounts which are based in different locations and within the same PC.

3 Local Trade Copier $79

Auto FX Pro claims that this trade copier is fast and copies trades between multiple accounts that have advanced features...

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4 Auto FX Pro Forex News trader $299

It gathers news from various sources and lets you trade them with your own strategy. Auto FX Pro is a Forex robot.

5 Auto Trade Driver $99

It’s a tool for managing risks and controlling orders. It is ideal for trend followers and scalpers as it manages trailing stops and calculates risks for the trader.

6 Currency Power Indicator $49

This is a tool that shows strengths of currencies against each other.

7 My Money Manager $49

It is a risk controller that places the exact volume and stop loss while allowing traders to drag TP and SL levels directly on the chart.

8 Trade Controller $79

It’s a tool for providing various ways to maximize profits and limit risk through a variety of features like trailing stops so that traders don’t need to monitor their open positions.

9 Forex Power Pack $499

A collection of all Forex trading tools sold by Auto FX Pro.

10 Remote Trade Copier Unlimited $299

This is a trade copier operating in a similar way to AutoFXPro’s Local Trade Copier. It copies unlimited number of trades...

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