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Do you wish to find out more about Bank Novo's services and can you really trust their banking services? This is an online-only banking platform that we have found really easy to use and is designed specially for the self-employed in mind. Besides the self-employed, this banking service is also for entrepreneurs, small business-owners and freelancers who wish to separate their personal and business bank accounts.

With Bank Novo, we have found it really easy to handle the typical online banking transactions with it, and best of all, this bank charges nearly no fees for its top-quality services. It does not make use of any wire transfers, cash deposits or regular chequebooks though, which is a huge advantage for us since it gets rid of all the clutter and allows everything to be done electronically...

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Novo business banking launches in US – FinTech Futures

What Exactly Is Bank Novo All About?

One of the features of Bank Novo is that it allows account holders to open accounts quickly so that they can use their banking data right away for reporting and bookkeeping purposes. From small business-owners' perspectives, this is a great experience that has never been provided by other banking services before. Bank Novo is truly bringing small business banking into the new digital era, and they are essentially a technology company rather than a bank. Accounts at Bank Novo are offered through its financial partner, Middlesex Federal Savings, and currently they only offer online business checking accounts...

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