Beat The Favourite Review - Does It Really Work? The Truth Exposed

Are you currently looking for more information about Pete Thompson's Beat The Favourite horse race betting tipster service, and does it really help its members to stop losing money to the bookmakers and instead, earn steady and long-term profits from horse race betting? The main reason why this service is called Beat The Favourite is because it is designed exactly to do that, which is to find the winning bets that beat the favourite horse. As revealed by Pete, the strategy of constantly betting of favourites is a surefire way to lose money in the long run.

Through his Beat The Favourite tipster service, Pete is able to show his client show his clients how they can always be ahead of the bookies instead of the other way around. As most gamblers eventually find out, some after losing huge amounts of money, that the depressed odds of favourites usually mean that betting on favourites is usually a money-losing strategy. That is not to say that betting against the favourite blindly will be profitable either. Instead, the proper way is to have a properly tested strategy that finds selections to consistently "beat the favourite", which is exactly what Pete Thompson has managed to accomplish with this strategy.

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Beat The Favourite?

  • Consistently winning horse racing tips are delivered via email on all race days where there are selections
  • Easy enough for even complete beginners without any horse racing betting experience to follow
  • Members can decide to use their betting profits to grow their betting bank to bet using larger stakes or withdraw them to keep the staking amounts consistent
  • Clear instructions provided in each email regarding which horse to bet on, what odds are available and what points to place
  • Members get to access a portfolio of successful and profitable horse race betting methods
  • At the time of writing, new members will also get a free 3 month access to Goal King football tips service valued at £45. These tips have a 58%+ win rate and has demonstrated to be able to make £5,000+ monthly with small stakes...

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