Body Time Franchise Review - Is It Legit?

Are you currently looking for a great business opportunity and is The Body Time Franchise really one of the highest ROI franchise opportunities around today? The Body Time Franchise is a low-expense and low capital investment opportunity that gives the franchisee access to one of the strongest brands without having to handle and sell any products. It basically involves selling a service of using their Body Time service to produce a high ROI that typically recovers all invested capital in the space of 6 months or so.

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What Does The Franchisee Fee For Body Time Franchise Include?

There are 2 choices for franchisee fees available. The first option is the basic (fast-growing) 7% fee that includes:

  • Branding
  • Trademark
  • Advertised Website
  • Body Time Image
  • Online full documentation
  • Access to experience and knowledge portal
  • Franchise Manual
  • Tested and proven marketing strategies and salary models...

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The second option is the professional (safe-growing) 10% fee that includes:

  • 24/7 online support
  • Controlling and monitoring that your business works
  • Business administration
  • Additional service for personal meetings
  • Studio opening setup and training
  • Controlling and training
  • Full marketing informations and support

What Are The Benefits Of Getting The Body Time Franchise?

By investing more than $60,000+ every month, Body Time has built a strong brand and image that has reached globally and made it a recognisable brand in the fitness world. A franchisee therefore gets to leverage on these marketing efforts without having to spend any dollars on marketing themselves which would otherwise be costing them at least a couple of thousand dollars each to have the same reach.

Body Time's goal is to reach and help customers globally by investing just 20 minutes per week as well as provide great customer service to ensure that all of them reach their fitness goals...

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