Capitalist Exploits Newsletter Review - Is It Legit?

Do you want to find out more about the Capitalist Exploits Newsletter Insider service and whether or not this is truly a legitimate source of investment ideas with explosive potential?

Capitalist Exploits Newsletter Insider happens to be a one-of-a-kind platform that operates on the basis of a unique business model. As is their claim, they exist to disrupt the ties that exist between the political and economic cooperation that occurs when nations interact.

This essentially involves making moves that are meant to stir up changes in prices in the market, and that is exactly where Capitalist Exploits Newsletter Insider program reaps big. This company can, therefore, be viewed as a service-based company led by investment professionals  whose main business is to focus on helping their clients to get an above-the-market level rate of return on select investments, through ensuring that these investments have a controlled and low risk. Their customers usually access the information on such investment opportunities through their newsletters.

The question as to how Capitalist Exploits Newsletter Insider goes about their business would probably be one of your concerns that you should clarify before you join. This company is all about uniqueness and the creation of an investment edge over their competition. The Capitalist Exploits Insider team obtains information on major factors that are likely to cause market movements such as nation-state geopolitics. They then review the credibility of their information to guarantee that any investment done in that line has a controllable and low risk.

Sample of Capitalist Exploits' Report

Are Capitalist Exploits Newsletter Insider Recommendations Risky To Follow?

The Capitalist Exploits Newsletter Insider team ensures that the rate of return is close to 6 times the initial investment, to cover for any future losses that would be made in case the investment does not go through as predicted. This information is then provided to all clients through a subscription-based service to the interested clients, called Insider. The services offered by Capitalist Exploits Insider platform are essentially in the form of access to information packages and free resources

What Can You Expect To Receive Through Joining Capitalist Exploits Newsletter Insider?

  1. The Free Resources

This service is based on the plight by the readers of the company’s paid-for trading newsletters to have educational resources to them, for them to completely understand the technical investment aspects and approaches. Most of the free resources are usually about: how to create offshore entities, brokers’ insights, and readings on internet privacy issues and other recommended reads.

  1. The Capitalist Exploits Newsletter Insider

This happens to be Capitalist Exploits’ Insider primary service. Members who want to access this product have to part with $1575 each year that is usually paid upfront. Those who pay for this subscription will gain access to:

  • Trade Alerts
  • Existing portfolio information
  • Weekly newsletters with bonus trading tips.
  • Opportunities to ask live questions with live answers
  • A video database for insights
  • An investors’ forum with more than 450 members
  • A lot of educational resources
  • Access to an investment guru.
  1. The Resources Insider

This is Capitalist Exploit Newsletter Insider’s most highly priced service. Those accessing this service usually part with $3499 each year. Just to confirm your possible current thoughts, this service is usually dedicated to assisting the very affluent investors to invest their wealth in big amounts, hence the high fee charged. Those who manage to pay for this service, usually have access to:

  • Insider ideas
  • Not less than ten private placement deals with a minimum investment range of $2,000 to $10,000.
  • Opportunities to network
  • Service gurus...

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Capitalist Exploits Newsletter Insider is certainly not a scam as the people behind are true investment professionals. As much as it does not disclose how it gets information on the biggest  moves about to be made in the market, it does not have any history of scamming people. In fact, this company’s services have also been rated as excellent by TrustPilot. Most of the reviews actually point to its members actually being very contented and willing to continue doing business. Clients on Capitalist Exploits Insider's Facebook page have also given them a 5-star rating, with no negative reviews.

Who Do You Contact If You Need Help With Your Capitalist Exploits Newsletter Insider Subscription?

The owner of the company, Chris MacIntosh is usually at the forefront of interacting with most of the company’s members and actually responds to quality issues brought up in various review sites. The company also has their contact details provided on their website as below:

Physical address: 38 North Canal Road, Singapore

Company Number: 201512

Telephone Numbers:

  • USA-+1 888 600 1016
  • UK-+44 203 966 6262
  • Australia -+61 283 115 357
  • Singapore- +65 316 52 495

By joining this platform, you open up yourself to numerous investment opportunities if you decide to partner with this company. With packages such as the Resources Insider, you have access to ten private placement deals that are expected to give you huge returns. As far as this company is concerned, the investment you make in terms of purchasing their service packages can create a financial breakthrough for you by enabling you to make better investment decisions.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Capitalist Exploits Newsletter Insider:

It is always wise to compare the good sides against the negatives before you decide to invest in anything new. As always in our reviews we provide you with some  points on both sides of the spectrum:


  • The company has regular subscription-based services and provide high quality support
  • Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee policy that protects new members' subscription fee.
  • High returns can be expected on their selected investments with low-risk


  • They may not always disclose the sources of their investment tips, which is something that may be of concern to some members, but it is completely understandable that they wish to keep some of their information sources confidential...

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