Cash On Course Review: Does It Really Work?

Are you thinking about joining the Cash On Course service and does their 3-step system really show members how to profit daily from betting on horse races? This strategy is based on a set of 3 simple rules that its founder, Tony Belmont, has created to find winners over the long-term. While this system does not necessarily make profits every day, it always reverts to its long-term average winning rate. In general, most days are profitable as can be seen from the results illustrated on their website.

One downside of following this system is that bookmakers do not like it when their members win too often. Therefore, Tony has had his accounts limited or shut down over the years. To solve this issue, Tony will explain all of the steps that he takes to reduce this risk and make sure your betting does not stop because your accounts get limited by bookmakers.

How Exactly Does Cash On Course Work?

As discussed earlier, this selection strategy is a 3-step process that looks at the meetings for the day and the one that scores the highest is the one that is closely examined. This is the course selection method that is used to determine where members will be betting on for that day. The current recommended bet used by Tony is £20 on Betfair in order to reduce the chances of getting the account closed.

Bets are either each-way or win with the same amount staked every race, with one selection being made every day. Generally, selections that are at evens or below, and anything below 3/1 is rarely backed. This is  because these selections are usually found to be of poor value. Hence, even if they do win often, the winnings are usually not enough to make up for the lost stakes...

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