CoinDirect Review - What Are CoinDirect Fees And Are They Worth Paying?

Are you thinking about using the CoinDirect platform and are they really one of the best and most reliable platforms for buying, selling and converting cryptocurrencies? Registered at the Isle of Man, CoinDirect is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading in a wide number of cryptocurrencies. These are not just the biggest and most well-known coins, but they also offer trading of some of the smallest ones too. The South African Rand (ZAR) is the most presented fiat currency to trade with since this exchange was initially created and directly towards South African residents. Since then, they have expanded into many more countries around the world.

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What Are The Cryptocurrencies That Users Of CoinDirect Will Get To Trade?

The main cryptos on offer for trading are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple's XRP amongst its largest names. When compared to other similar services, we find that CoinDirect has a much better range of cryptocurrencies to trade with. A total of 40 cryptocurrencies are available for trading on this platform...

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For the list of cryptocurrencies that it supports, CoinDirect allows trading of several major and minor fiat currencies. These currencies include the USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NGN and ZAR. Some of them can be bought directly through debit and credit card, while some smaller market-cap ones can only be purchased with Bitcoin through crypto-to-crypto trading on the CoinDirect platform.

Can You Really Trust CoinDirect?

Throughout our dealings and trading activities on CoinDirect, and coupled with reading the experiences of others, we have found CoinDirect to be very dedicated to providing users with the best services and customer support to ensure they get all the crypto that they want. Founded to solve the instability of most African fiat currencies, one of the main goals of CoinDirect, according to co-founder Stephen Young, is to ensure the safety and security of all users' funds.

Currently registered by the Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission, CoinDirect uses the same security standards used by the biggest and most secure banks today. For added security, CoinDirect transfers all coins to 3rd-party locations for escrow until transactions are completed.

What Are The CoinDirect Fees?

CoinDirect employs a very simple fee structure. They are as follows;

Wallet Transactions
(Wallet & Marketplace)
Quoted price with no hidden fees.
The price you see, is the price you pay.
Marketplace Fees  0.00%  0.50%
Dormancy Fees *  5 EUR  5 EUR

Dormancy Fees:Dormancy fees will be levied on the 1st of the month if your account has no transfers for the previous three calendar months. The fee deducted will be equivalent to EUR at the market rate at the time...

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