ConnectRetarget Review - Does ConnectRetarget Really Work?

Would you like to know the truth about the ConnectRetarget Facebook tool and is it really one of the most effective ways to re-engage with your website visitors through Facebook's retargeting features? Facebook advertising is a highly effective marketing strategy, but the way that Facebook sets audiences and retargets them can be a problem. They allow the creation of custom audiences and targeting visitors based on specific behaviour, however several issues become obvious when people start using them.

Wilco's ConnectRetarget tool solves many of the problems and limitations presented by Facebook's tools. For example, ConnectRetarget allows all kinds of targeting, tracking of time spent on page, technology they are using and from where they are coming from. It truly makes the lives of Facebook marketers much easier by saving time and providing much easier targeting capabilities. It also allows the management of multiple Facebook ads accounts directly from inside one dashboard.

ConnectRetarget Reviews and Pricing - 2021

How Can You Start Benefiting From ConnectRetarget?

ConnectRetarget requires users to first create what they call the PowerPixel. This is a pixel that combines Facebook's Super Pixel with extra code that signs up all of your websites' visitors' actions. After naming this pixel and selecting your Facebook ads account, ConnectRetarget automatically creates this PowerPixel.

This pixel can then be placed on all web-pages that users would like to have tracked. Once implemented, this pixel is capable of collecting all visitors' actions and helping the user build specific custom audiences...

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