Crypto Trader Tax Review - Is Crypto Trader Tax Software Legit?

Are you interested to learn more about the Crypto Trader Tax Software and does it really live up to its reputation of being the best tax reporting tool for cryptocurrency users and investors? This software is capable of automatically calculating tax reports for users baed on the historical data of the user. These generated tax reports can then be imported directly into a tax-filing software or sent straight to a tax professional. This tool comes at a great time given the complexity associated with the whole cryptocurrency tax reporting process.

Using Crypto Trader Tax Software will require a user to connect their exchange, import trades and then generate tax reports that are ready for download. By integrating with all the major exchanges, we have found it really convenient and easy to quickly find out our crypto taxes accurately...

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What Is The Crypto Trader Tax Cost And Is It Really Worth Using?

There are a total of 4 pricing tiers to Crypto Trader Tax Software, each one supporting a different number of transactions. The more expensive tiers support more transactions and can be summarised as below:


Number Of Trades




Up to 100


Live chat support


Up to 1,500


Live chat support

High Volume Trader

Up to 5,000


Priority support




Priority support

For all levels, members will be able to create Form 8949 to minimise taxes through tax-loss harvesting and capital gains reports, which can then be exported directly into TaxAct and TurboTax.

To start using this software, users can start importing data into the platform without paying. Once that is done and they are ready to view and download their full reports, then they will be prompted to pay based on the number of transactions of their accounts. For additional security and assurances, the company also provide a 14-day money back guarantee, and all members are eligible for reimbursements if they are at all unsatisfied with the reports that have been generated...

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