Daru Strong Programs Review - Do They Really Work?

Are you looking to learn the truth about Coach Phil Daru Strong Programs Body Armor Bodyweight MMA Program and does it really reveal to you the secrets that real bodyweight MMA trainers are using to get explosive results in from training? If you do not already know Phil Daru, he is a trainer who has trained some of the best fighters in the world today including Dustin Poirier, Joanna Jedrzejcyk and Colby Covington among others. He is the head strength and conditioning coach at the world-famous American Top Team and has built a great reputation of being one of the best when it comes to bodyweight MMA training.

Inside this program, members will be learning from a series of instructional videos, and all of his exercises do not require any gym equipment. Coach Daru Strong Programs shares all the most effective bodyweight training techniques that he has developed over the years to optimise their power, mobility and strength.

Try This Home Bodyweight Workout For MMA Endurance! | Phil Daru ...

What Are The Benefits Of Following Coach Phil Daru Strong Programs Body Armor Bodyweight MMA Program?

This program has been developed out of necessity as Coach Daru Strong Programs has learned that it is not possible to access the gym all the time, and some students sometimes the loss of gym access can be for weeks at a time, which causes massive disruption to training schedule. Hence, he has developed an 8 week bodyweight-training series of instructional videos of bodyweight exercises that achieves the same goals of working out in the gym. Members also gain access to Coach Daru Strong Programs private Facebook Groups, Membership Hub and some of the premium training materials that he released in the future...

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