DeskTime Review - Don’t Use Without Seeing This!

Would you like to find out more about the DeskTime tool and is this really the best employee time-monitoring tool, and is it really worth paying for their services? One of the main reasons that we decided to start using this tool was because we have heard of many close contacts who have reported seeing employee productivity boosts of as much as 30% and above after just the first couple of weeks of using it. Having implemented DeskTime on our own businesses, we have been very pleased with the increase in productivity and efficiencies that are being enabled by this secure and simple time-tracking app.

In our opinion, any company serious about maximising productivity must use a time-tracking software such as DeskTime. It comes with many ready-made functions like planning employee vacations and time-offs, generating custom reports for customers or in-house use, storing team members' contact information, calculating overtime pay and much more, all directly through this easy-to-use platform.

Automatic Business Time-Tracking Software | DeskTime

What Are The Benefits Of Using DeskTime?

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  • Determining all employees billable hours and vacation periods quickly and easily by integrating every employee within the scope of goals of your organisation as managed by DeskTime
  • Monitor everything from work-flow plans and time-usage directly from this app through them employee database maintained within it
  • See increased productivity and effectiveness across all teams and the entire organisation as experienced by all companies that use DeskTime
  • Keep track of both online and offline hours to maximise the productivity of every employee while making sure not to shortchange any employee or the company
  • and much more!

Is DeskTime Right For You?

If you have always felt like there is something out there that can make your business work better and more effectively, which was exactly what we felt when we first decided we wanted to use this app, then DeskTime is definitely an option that you have to explore and consider adding to your company. Personal productivity is a factor that not many people think about, yet it is so easily maximised with the use of a time-tracker app.

DeskTime has provided us with many insights as to how we can change our work-styles in order to get the most out of everyone, and so far its suggestions have been working like a charm. If you find that you or your employees are wasting far too much time on social networks and Facebook messaging, or going for many coffee breaks simply because there is so much time wastage, then DeskTime is going to fix all that and everyone is going to be much happier for it too. Instead of having to work 8+ hours doing a range of tasks, we are finding that we can complete the same tasks in 6 hours or less now, with time and energy to spare to attend to other matters...

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