Double Chance Dave Review - Is It Legit?

Would you like to find out more about the Double Chance Dave football betting tipster service and did it really make £19,377 profits in the last football season simply by betting with a 34 point starting bank? Dave's football betting approach is one that wins a frequency of its bets while making sure that they have been sufficiently tested with both past and live results to prove that it does indeed work to generate profits from the football betting markets.

In a typical weekend of 20+ games in the Premier League and Championship, this system finds bets in about 5 or less games. Dave is a betting professional who focuses on finding quality bets rather than trying to force profits by betting on many matches, only to find themselves losing money over and over every week.

Which Leagues Will You Need To Bet On To Benefit From Double Chance Dave?

In order to benefit from joining this system, you are going to need to have access to the betting markets of the Premier League and Championship. The 2 markets that are focused on are the "Who Is Going To Win The Game" and "Number Of Goals" markets, which has been extensively tested by Dave to have the highest degree of predictability for the benefit of making money from betting...

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Dave's strategy is all about focusing on trying to win more often than most other systems while ensuring that it minimises the chances of taking a large loss in any week. Being selective is very important in this strategy, hence members should not be forcing bets when there are none. Quality over quantity is the name of the game when it comes to making money with Double Chance Dave.

How Much Betting Bank Do You Need To Profit From Double Chance Dave?

Looking at the statistics from the last football season, it would have been possible to start with only £10 bets which would have produced a healthy profit of £1,937, which is a great rate of return. Most members are betting with higher stakes which explains why the average winnings per member was at least £4,000+ for the last season. The strategy is highly scalable too, so if you have a larger betting bank, you should adjust your stakes accordingly to generate a good return on your capital.

As a rule of thumb, Dave advises having at least 32x your stake per bet in your betting bank before starting on his strategy, meaning having at least £320 if betting with £10 stakes. All bets are on level stakes until the 100 point margin is hit, after which stakes will be doubled...

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