EGroupWare Review - Does It Really Work?

Are you looking for more information about EGroupWare and is it really the best online collaboration software out there today? Intended for both small businesses to large enterprises, EGroupWare is a free open-source groupware software with many useful integration features such as knowledge bases, calendars, phone directories, dynamic email applications and many more. It has also proven useful for businesses in different niche markets.

EGroupWare software is designed and launched in Germany by Stylite AG. The largest industries that are currently using this software suite include media and entertainment, wholesale and retail, hospitality and healthcare, education, government and public administration, retail and wholesale, education and many more.

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What Are Some Main Features Of EGroupWare?

  • Easily filter each project's progress by their times, statuses and budget information
  • Sort projects by their title or ID to organise information visually, or use the project tree for intuitive and quick navigation
  • Create or modify project templates, or create custom fields for entry of specialised data for unique project needs
  • Plan and manage staff and budgets, integrate information from other applications, set milestones and more with the project planning software
  • Manage extended user rights through users' project roles to ensure information security
  • Monitor all projects using the history function
  • Synchronises with Outlook and your PDF seamlessly
  • and much more!

How Can You Get Started Now With EGroupWare?

To get started, it will be required to first purchase a subscription in order to gain access to the installation files. Once installed, EGroupWare will provide its users with the capabilities of Project, Outlook and much more, which makes it great value for money for users.

For companies and businesses who do not wish to purchase the more expensive suites but still wants to have all the best collaboration and project management capabilities, EGroupWare has proven to be a very useful tool for them. That would usually be startups and small businesses...

Full EGroupWare Review here! at