Fantasy Lover Formula Review

Are you currently looking for more information about the Fantasy Lover Formula and is it really capable of showing men how to give their women the most passionate nights of incredible sex that they have every experienced, regardless of how good or bad they are currently in bed? This is the first-of-its-kind training system that reveals how to men how to give women their most toe-curling satisfaction experiences in bed that most women have never experienced before. These techniques are designed to give women so much pleasure that they become chemically dependent on the man once he knows how to give her the sort of female orgasm that is detailed in this formula.

Once the Fantasy Lover Formula is mastered, men report that the no longer feel like they are really trying while women are just coming home with them any time they want. The modules covered in this training formula include:

  • Module 1: Fantasy Seduction
  • Module 2: Fantasy Foreplay
  • Module 3: Fantasy Sex
  • Module 4: Fantasy Role Play
  • And include 4 BONUSES!
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Why Was The Fantasy Lover Formula Created And Does It Really Work?

Despite the current socially progressive societies that we live in, there is a still a real lack of good information when it comes to improving this aspect of one's life. The ability for men to become great lovers to fully satisfy their girlfriends and wives is one of the most important skill for men to have, yet many men are unable to find good information on how to fulfil this role and end up struggling in their sexual lives.

With Fantasy Lover Formula, both single and married men now have a great resource that they can learn from and fulfil the sexual needs and urges of women. It is created with the input of 2 of the most knowledgeable when it comes to female satisfaction: adult model Leeann and Penthouse and Playboy model Krista. Both have collective built up a collection of the most effective physical techniques that men can use during foreplay and sex to give their woman the best sexual experiences they have ever had. The training is structured and well-organised to ensure all members are properly equipped with all the skills by the time they are done with the training...

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What Are The Modules And Skills Covered In The Fantasy Lover Formula?

Module #1 Fantasy Seduction

- How to use 20 seemingly innocent words
- Turning a woman on with special massage techniques
- How to bring a woman back home with you as fast as you can
- How to use her imagination to get her to only concentrate on having sex with you

Module #2 Fantasy Foreplay

- Fingering techniques
- A sex game to turn up the erotic fun in the bedroom
- Oral sex techniques from top bi-sexual and lesbian performers
- A special sex toy to get her to be more wild and crazy with you
- A special kissing technique to convince a woman to take off her clothes
- How to use your fingers to take off her bra while using the other hand on her body

Module #3 Fantasy Sex

- An alternative to make you feel large inside her
- Thrusting rhythms to add variety to her orgasms
- The best sex toy to bring to your bedroom and how to use it
- Triggering a woman's orgasm button to increase her pleasure
- A technique to awaken both of your bodies and feel more pleasure
- A standing position that puts you in control of her sexual pleasure
- Three things to say to a woman while she is having an orgasm
- Changes to a number of the most common positions to increase mutual pleasure

Module #4 Fantasy Role Play

This is all about turning your hottest sexual fantasies into reality...

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