Food Revolution Summit Empowerment Package Review: Is It Legit?

The thing is, there’s a great deal of nutritional information out there already – and for free.  So when we came across John Robbins’s Food Revolution Summit Empowerment Package, and saw there was a fee for it, our cynical hackles immediately began to rise.  After all – why pay for something if a) you can get it for free and b) if it is not worth every red cent you shell out for it? And we’re not stupid … The health of most nations is changing – we know that.

And in our advanced technological state you would think that those health issues would be getting better.  But they’re not, and are instead getting worse.  Diabetes, strokes, heart disease, immune disorders…  The list goes on.

Food Revolution Summit 2018: 31 Reasons to Join Today

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Here Are Adam's Own Words:

The purpose of this product is to increase your knowledge and ultimately improve your health with it. Below is our down and dirty look at exactly what John's product is all about.  What you read below may well surprise you…

So, in a nutshell, the Food Revolution Summit Empowerment Package is your own copy of most of John Robbins’s important live summit presentations.  So you get recordings of all the presentations, as well as various other information.  It breaks down like this:

  • Downloads of all 25 presentations:  each one is prepared and delivered by an expert in their individual field.  Subjects covered include Affordable Super Foods for Lasting Super Health, Healthy Digestion for a Healthy Life, The Optimal Diet for Human Beings, Healing Foods: our Best Hope for a Livable World, Cook Organic: Not the Planet, and The 4 Pillars of Lasting Health…
  • Written transcripts:  for all the interviews.  This enables you to quickly review and discover exactly what you are looking for.  It also means that you have direct and immediate access to all of their breakthrough tips.
  • A group coaching call:  that will enable you to implement everything you’ve learned from the presentations into action.
  • A whole bunch of other stuff:  including the Blood Sugar Balancing 30 Day Meal Makeover Package, Free Groceries and Membership from Thrive Market and The 100 Day Vitality Challenge...

Full Food Revolution Summit Empowerment Package Review here! at