Do you want to find out the truth about the Forbidden Kill Strikes program and will it really teach its members the rare moves that are easy-to-learn and highly effective at the same time for keeping one and one's family safe? Designed to be a fusion of Asian and American style of fighting, this training programs contains a comprehensive list of dead simple, practical and lethal self-defence techniques that can be mastered in an average of 8 days. Its founder is Chuck Eastman, a 50+ year old grandfather from Ohio who was formerly from the military.

Chuck created this program after learning about how Asian martial arts are in fact quite useless during an actual battle. Instead, he learned about actual effective self-defence techniques that can be used to quickly neutralise any thugs when the need arises. This program thus merges both Asian and American fighting systems that take the best of both styles and combines them into an easy-to-learn and highly effective self-defence moves system.

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Is Forbidden Kill Strikes Program Right For You?

This is a progressive self-defence program designed to take anyone of any age or gender from no experience to highly-effective when required to execute self-defence moves. It only required spending just a couple of minutes of consistent practice per day to truly master the moves taught inside. There are also tips included to show members how to keep themselves safe from injury while practicing these moves, which is crucial if you want to prevent hurting yourself while learning this program.

One interesting thing to learn from this program is that it shares methods that are UFC-restricted, which explains how effective they are at bringing down opponents for minimal effort. By learning these moves, it is intended that those who learn it will be able to keep themselves and their families safe from assaults, wrongdoings, thefts and many other dangerous life situations...

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What Are The Key Features Of Forbidden Kill Strikes?

  • Includes a guide showing how to use everyday household items such as toothpicks, shoes, umbrellas etc. to gain an huge advantage during a fight

  • Learn how these methods make use of each nerve and muscle fiber of your body to maximum effect

  • How to create mini-grenades using old light bulbs, cayenne pepper etc.

  • Learn to convert a piece of paper into a rock-hard "glove", as well as other improvised self-defence weapons

  • Learn to disable an attacker at close range fast through the swinging scissor move and trip-switch manueuver

  • Learn to unstoppably strip the attacker's hands of weapons at lightning-fast speed

  • and much more!

Why Is Forbidden Kill Strikes Program Much More Effective Compared To Other Self-Defence Programs?

One of the key focuses of this program is that it focuses on small-pressure moves to target the weakest spots of a person to bring down an opponent fast. This makes it so that the moves are practical to execute for a person of any strength levels, unlike many other defence programs that are only practicable for men due to the strength required in their moves. Regardless of whether the member is 80+ or 18 years old, they will be able to inflict large amounts of damage and pain to an enemy and bring them down quickly to their knees.

Is Forbidden Kill Strikes Practical To Use?

By knowing how to improvise weapons from home, members have the convenience of knowing how to defend themselves at all times without looking like they are dangerous or heavily armed. Simple objects such as toothpicks, coffee cups or table cloths can be highly effective for fighting off an enemy as long as it is done right. After finishing this program, it has provided us with a framework to think quickly before attackers show up and be mentally and physically prepared to overcome them whenever the situation arises...

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