Are you currently looking to find out the truth about the FunnelSpy software tool and are its claims that it can help users see their competitors' marketing and monetisation strategies to become a complete "insider" of their business for real? FunnelSpy is an online app that promises to allow its users to see what the leaders in their industries and fields are doing, and using that knowledge to their advantage. It usually has taken the market leader many trials and failures along the way to learn what they know about dominating that market, and it is unlikely that they will want to share their secrets so easily.

FunnelSpy is a newly designed tool that aims to break all the old norms of online marketing by helping users reverse-engineer what is already working when marketing to any industry / market. Using FunnelSpy has helped us greatly shortcut our learning curves and find successful marketing campaigns much more quickly without having to waste a lot of time and dollars doing trial and error to find out what works.

A sales funnel is basically a process whereby the prospects' attention are gained, information is presented, views converted into clicks and then sales pitches and purchases and ultimately, repeat customers. Having good sales funnels are critical to the success of any business, therefore once FunnelSpy has uncovered a winning sales funnel, it is likely an essential element of their business and is great knowledge to have when you are trying to compete and market to the same audience...

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What Aspects About Your Competitors' Businesses Can You Expect To Uncover From FunnelSpy?

  • Sales Funnels: Uncovering the sales funnels of the competition is as easy as one click using FunnelSpy. There are tutorials included the members' area that show exactly how to research competitors using the tool to uncover their sales, upsells, one-time offers and down-sell offers, sales proposals, design, pricing and more!
  • Lead Generation Sequences: With FunnelSpy, we are now able to know the monetisation strategies of our competitors and give us new ideas about to approach marketing to that audience
  • Consulting / Coaching Offers: See the types of frequently-asked questions, applications, counselling and other training programs of the competition
  • Webinar Sequences: FunnelSpy can be used to analyse webinar sequences including their links, sequence pages encore track, video playback channels, type of webinar software used, monetisation strategies used, webinar presentation formats etc.

Summary Of The Main Features Of Using FunnelSpy:

  • No results limitations
  • Unlimited searches provided
  • Unlimited favorites
  • Unlimited projects
  • Expose all hidden pages after entering a URL and clicking a few buttons, allowing users to learn and replicate the process for their own business should they choose to do so
  • Unlimited upgrades and updates in future...

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