FX Scalper X Review - Is FX Scalper X Legit?

Are you interested to learn the truth about the FX Scalper X EA and can it really help any Forex trader generate consistent profits even if they are just starting with a small account with little to no experience? As an EA (expert advisor), FX Scalper X EA is fully capable of scanning the Forex markets for profitable price action setups with its built-in algorithm and make trades on behalf of its users. This means that traders can make money fully automatically as long as they can run the MetaTrader 4 platform on a minimum desktop computer. Once entered into trades, the EA is also fully capable of handling all trades based on its money management rules and exit all trades accordingly when they have met their take-profit or stop-loss levels.

What Are The Pricing Plans For FX Scalper X EA?

Purchasing the license for this EA gives members access to 3 expert advisors for the price of one: Fx Scalper X, Fx Scalper XX, and Fx Scalper XXX.

Pricing details.

These come in 3 different pricing plans: $115/3 months, $189/year, and $339/lifetime membership. While the recommended minimum starting balance is $500, traders can choose to start at the minimum starting balance of $100 to starting testing out how the EA works first.

Overall, we have found the FX Scalper X EA to be very easy-to-install and very consistent in generating Forex trading profits without much manual intervention. The download link that contains the EA and user manual are sent to all members within 24 hours of subscription, after which they can setup and start generating profits even if they have no prior Forex trading experience...

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