Golf Slingshot Review: Does Golf Slingshot Training Aid Really Work?

Do you want to find out the truth about the Golf Slingshot Training Aid and is this really one of the best golf speed trainers around today and does it really have features that make it stand out amongst its competition? The founder of this product, Tony, has had this trainer in the works for several years even before selling the first one. He is someone who truly loves the game of golf and is deeply passionate about developing the best training tools to help anyone quickly develop and improve their game. Recently at a tour rep debut at Torrey Pines, the response and feedback that he got from coaches and players for this product was very good and prompted us to want to test out this training aid.

After many rounds of feedback and testing, the Golf Slingshot Training Aid was finally ready for release and we have to say that this product is nothing short of amazing. Currently, there are 3 models to this product, namely:

1.      All Star Model: 40” flexible shaft. Meant for juniors and/or slower swingers.

2.      Pro Model: 45” flexible shaft. Meant for adults with slower tempos.

3.      Tour Model: 45” carbon fiber stiff shaft. Meant for faster tempos and swing speeds 105mph+.

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What Are The Main Features And Benefits Provided By Golf Slingshot Training Aid?

  • Improve multiple attributes including balance, flexibility, timing, tempo and club head speed at the same time through Slingshot's physical, audible and visual feedbacks
  • Users get 4 different weight settings using just 1 single training club of Slingshot's patent-pending interchangeable weight system design
  • Product generates feedback throughout users' swing sequences through its patent-pending internal magnetic assembly that is built to release the shot in the barrel upon a sudden burst of speed
  • Users get feedback of their swing from start to finish, pinpointing exact areas that provide the fastest improvements
  • Slingshot's helps improve back and down swings, ensuring they are timed correctly through the "pop" of the shot in the barrel
  • Gain solid mechanics for your swing with a product that actually teaches you
  • Slingshot PRO has been shown to work great for most players with moderate to high swing speeds. It comes in 4 weight settings: 265 g, 315 g, 390 g, and 465 g—and three removable weights...

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