HelloTars Chatbot Review — What Is HelloTars Chatbot? Is It REALLY Legit?

Would you like to find out more about HelloTars Chatbot and whether or not this tool can truly help your business and increase your site's conversions? HelloTars Chatbot is a chatbot-making platform that helps members save leads  Google Ads. With this software, you serve potential customers an interactive experience with a conversational bot rather than static and unengaging landing pages. As a result, prospects are more likely to convert and you will also have a greater chance of increasing your profitability as well as gain ROI from your ad spend.

Aside from bringing you leads, HelloTars Chatbot can also qualify prospects. Your Tars chatbot can ask relevant questions that then allows you to filter prospective clients. The process is quicker and more effective, as your audience attain the experience that they are conversing with somebody instead of filling out boring forms.

What Are The Benefits of Using HelloTars Chatbot?

Leads Qualification

Before sending leads to your CRM, the HelloTars Chatbot qualifies them. It does that by asking more questions that can help it filter prospects. The process is also faster and more effective compared to making site visitors fill up forms.

Higher Conversion Rates

Static landing pages with boring forms typically fail at getting information from prospects. With a HelloTars Chatbot, you can save the clicks you are getting from your Google Ads. That is because your future clients receive an engaging experience where they have a conversation with your bot. This way, you can get the needed information for your conversion strategy to work.

Custom Conversation Workflow

When you begin creating your chatbot, HelloTars Chatbot guides you through the process with its workflow builder. With it, you can customise the conversations your prospective clients will have with your chatbot. However, if you happen to find that time-consuming, you can employ any of the platform’s pre-built templates to accelerate the chatbot creation process.

Unique Chatbot URLs

As chatbots behave like landing pages, they live in their unique URLs. Because of this, you can create multiple chatbots to serve various purposes or for targeting various audiences. On top of that, this functionality enables users to organise, segregate, and filter leads with ease.

Powerful Data Analytics

HelloTars Chatbot is equipped with an analytics tool that provides users with numerical values that allow them to measure their success. Using these, they can then find ways to optimise their conversational pages to increase their conversion rates.

API Integration

Tars make available its robust set of APIs for your organisation to connect any of your chatbots to your favoured backend sales and marketing solutions. By doing so, you will not need to manually transfer prospects and leads’ information from the chatbots’ systems to your CRMs or ERPs...

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What Are The Pricing Plans of HelloTars Chatbot?

HelloTars Pricing Plans:

Free TrialProfessional$149.00/monthBusiness$499.00/monthEnterprise/AgencyContact vendor

Tars offer 3 options for enterprise pricing. The details of these packages are outlined below to help users decide which is the most suitable for their organization.

Professional – $149.00/month or $1,499.00/year

  • All Tars Basic Tools
  • 5 Chatbots
  • 2,000 Chats every Month

Business – $499.00/month or $1,499.00/year

  • All Professional Features
  • 10 Chatbots
  • 5,000 Chats per Month
  • Leads to CRM
  • Custom Bot Design
  • Bot Addition to Domain

Enterprise/Agency – request pricing information

  • All Business Features
  • More than 20 Chatbots
  • More than 50,000 Chats per Month
  • Chatbot Expert
  • Success Manager...

Full HelloTars Chatbot Review here! at https://scamorno.com/HelloTars-Chatbot-Review/?id=gho