Indacoin Review - Is Indacoin Limited Legit?

Are you thinking about purchasing and trading cryptocurrencies on the Indacoin Limited Exchange and are they really one of the best exchanges for beginners and more experienced users to start acquiring crypto assets? Indacoin Limited is a cryptocurrency exchange based out of London. Their main exchange office is situated at London Suite 4B, 43 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, Westminster, United Kingdom.

It is worth noting that Indacoin Limited Exchange only allows for the purchasing of cryptocurrencies and not their sales. One of the major benefits of using Indacoin Exchange is that it provides users with the ability to buy cryptocurrencies conveniently and hassle-free on their credit cards. However, they do impose stricter buying limits for new members, starting at $200 before increasing to large amounts on subsequent transactions.

Beginner's Guide to Indacoin Exchange Review 2019 - Is it Safe?

What Is The Transaction Process On Indacoin Limited Exchange?

IndaCoin Review - Indacoin Features

In the new dashboard version of Indacoin, members are able to see all of their available actions clearly separated Into different sections. The purchase options of different crypto have also been separated, making it easy for users to clearly know which cryptocurrency they are trading at all times. All that is required is to choose the crypto that the user desires, hit the Buy, Exchange or Withdraw buttons and then fill out a brief form that pops-up...

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The Indacoin Limited wallet can not only be used to keep crypto but also to buy, send and trade for other crypto. This wallet is multi-coin and mobile-based that comes with a simple and intuitive user-interface. Other than the Indacoin wallet, users can also choose to use their own crypto wallets such as Trezor, Keepkey and Ledger Nano.

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Using The Indacoin Limited Exchange?

  • Convenient way to do cryptocurrency exchange via credit cards
  • Simple and intuitive user-interface means that it is suitable even for complete beginners
  • Has been operating in the industry for many years and built a stellar reputation as a reliable crypto exchange
  • Fast online-chat functions for users to get help quickly when required
  • Has built up a large user base mostly through word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations
  • More than 200 cryptocurrencies available for purchase after the most recent update
  • No registration required for purchase unless the user also wants to access the wallet functions...

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