Inside Line Tips Review - Is Inside Line Tips Legit?

Inside Line Tips Review - Is Inside Line Tips Legit?

Would you like to find out that the truth about the Inside Line Tips tipster service and does it really live up to its promises of helping members enjoy betting while making sure they are following a long-term profitable horse betting system? Having checked out the history track-record of all their picks, we have found them to be accurate and matches all of the races and selections of each race day. Their strategies have also been tried and tested to be working for long periods of time and not only based on luck. Also, their strategy is very scalable, with some members reportedly being able to scale their profits to 5 figures after consistently compounding their betting bank with the picks from Inside Line Tips.

One way that the founders of this service have minimised the risks for new members is to provide a money-back subscription fee guarantee during the trial period. All members are eligible to receive betting tips on race days where there are qualifying selections. All they have to do is follow the instructions and copy the bets provided to copy the results without having to spend any time and money on the tools used for analysis and calculations.

What Are The 3 Main Rules Of The Tips Provided By Inside Line Tips?

  • Rule 1: Bet At Value Odds

This first rule filters out bets that only satisfy the criteria of helping one generate long-term profits regardless of the outcome of that one particular bet. This also prevents members from betting based on emotion and on selections that offer very poor value for their odds...

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  • Rule 2: Always Bet To Win

The win-strategy adopted by this system has a long-term strike rate of 53.9%. Coupled with value odds, this ensures long-term profitability of the strategy as long as members adhere to the money-management rules.

  • Rule 3: Don't Rush Success

One major error made by losing gamblers is that they equate more betting to increased chances of making money. This results in them making poor selections or betting when emotions are running high, which is always a sure-way to blow up a betting account. Inside Line Tips ensures that members do not fall into these traps with constant emails, reminders and tips from the winning system to keep all members on track for success.

Summary Of Inside Line Tips System Stastistics

53.9%Strike rateThe strike rate has 900 winners from 1670 bets
387 profitTotal profitThis is the total number of points made since January 2017
29 pointsMonthly returnAverage number of points made on a monthly basis
4.06 oddsAverage oddsAverage odds of bets given in the bet fair exchange

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