InvestONdata Review - Does It Really Work?

Are you currently thinking about joining and using the InvestONdata analysis tools, and do they really provide members the ability to leverage dynamic data to make more accurate trades in the financial markets. Using historical data and correlations, the InvestONdata platform is able to provide members with indications regarding the dynamics of any financial market that they are analysing. Members will have the benefit of accessing aggregated data and gain in-depth insights as to which direction the weight of the evidence is pointing the market to move towards.

With that said, the InvestONdata team makes it clear that their platform is not a magic bullet that makes winning trades 100% of the time. What members will gain is access to high-quality tools that understand the significance, meaningfulness and dependencies between different financial markets by calculating and visualising crossovers, ratios and percentile values. Anyone who is serious about using a data-driven approach to making money from the markets and gauge any market situation will definitely find InvestONdata's tools to be some of the best in the industry.

What Are The 4 Main Dashboards In InvestONdata?

Dashboard 1: Market overview

Barometers for instant reading of the situation at both #micro and #macro levels of the #U.S. #economy.

A history line chart shows the progress of barometer values over time providing an idea in which direction the #markets may move and implication to your trading or investing strategy...

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The "components" sections delivers single values of all variables for a detailed research and understanding. You will find the current, previous and two average values showing 1 week and 1 month standard moving averages.

Dashboard 2: Volatility

Here you will find the major indices and parameters describing volatility. The famous Chicago Board Options Exchange's CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) focusing on #S&P500 options and its futures is one major component. Beyond that you will find other helpful products such as VOLI and other products measuring volatility of Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI - VXD), #NASDAQ100 (VXN) and #Russel2000 (RVX).

Dashboard 3: Micro

This board provides selected indicators showing the behavior of insiders, advance decline ratios at NASDAQ and NYSE, as well as the positioning on the options market.

Dashboard 4: Macro

That board is relevant if you want to deeper understand the indication on the CD macro barometer. It visualizes the situation on the US treasury bond yield market and delivers #economy #health indicators such as GDP, CPI etc. which directly impact the stock markets...

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