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Are you interested to learn the truth about whether Is Peer2Profit Legit and is it really a passive earnings platform that can be achieved by setting up its software or app and letting it run? These days, there are several services that pay their users for sharing their Internet traffic. One of the top names that has emerged in this space is Peer2Profit. While a couple of dollars may not be much, this is a good way for Internet bandwidth owners to convert them into something useful. For low-income countries with access to cheap or free Internet access, Peer2Profit can have a big impact when converted to their own local currency.

Peer2Profit comes with several unique features that we will be discussing that cannot be found on other similar platforms. It uses its members' devices as a peer member in their P2P network to provide real IP addresses to proxy networks.

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What Are The 2 Main Options To Start Earning With Peer2Profit?

Option 1 – Software/App Installation

This is the main way that requires downloading of their software program once you have signed up as a member. This can be done either on the computer or a cellphone. For computer systems, Peer2Profit works on Linux, Windows and Ubuntu systems. It is currently not yet available for use on Mac devices, though it is quite possible that they could develop a Mac version in the future. Its software is easily accessible simply by clicking on the Download'Install link that will show up on the left side of the dashboard. Once it has been installed, all that a user needs to do is make sure that the software is running in the background and it will automatically do what it is built to do and start monetising bandwidth for its users.

Option 2 – Referral program

Peer2Profit also has an amazing referral program where users can earn more by inviting people to sign up. They can then be paid 50% of what their referral earns as long as they have signed up with the right referral link. This earnings is not deducted out of the referral's income. As long as your referrals are genuinely interested in monetising their Internet bandwidth for income, then this becomes an amazing opportunity to boost Peer2Profit's profit potential even further...

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