Jet Trader Pro Myfxbook Review - Does It Really Work?

Are you currently looking for more information about the Jet Trader Pro EA by LeapFX and did it really generate up to 20%+ profits per month over its entire time of live-trading? This Forex expert advisor has been used successfully by its founders at LeapFX to trade real money and consistently generates profitable returns on the account month-after-month. It is also able to do so while taking only very low-risks and reasonable drawdown levels. In short, it is basically a volatility trader that is almost always in the markets these days due to the extreme volatility in the Forex markets today.

Jet Trader Pro EA Review - SCAM EXPOSED! - Scam Expert Advisor

Overview of the 3 Trading Modes of Jet Trader Pro EA:

This expert advisor trades on 3 different modes, namely Safe, Normal and Aggressive. These different modes give the EAs the ability to trade on different risk levels and have different minimum deposits to get started on. Their details are as follows:

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Safe Mode

  • USD 3,000
  • USD 300 for micro-accounts.
  • USD 30 for cent accounts.

Normal Mode

  • USD 2,000
  • USD 200 for micro accounts.
  • USD 20 for cents accounts.

Aggressive mode

  • USD 1,000
  • USD 100 for micro-accounts.
  • USD 10 for cent accounts.

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Jet Trader Pro EA?

  • Fully compatible with any Metatrader 4 (MT4) broker
  • Specialises only on trading the EURUSD currency pair and outperforms all other EURUSD trading results we have seen across all expert advisors
  • Full support provided by the LeapFX when it comes to learning about how to use the EA and also future updates
  • Automatically calculates position sizing using probable drawdowns and other risk parameters
  • Built by a team of legitimate and professional traders behind LeapFX and not just some fly-by-night marketer(s) looking to make money selling Forex products...

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