Do you wish to learn the truth about the Jobsoid platform and do they really take out all the cumbersome spreadsheets, emails and software typically required and still help users find the best talents in the shortest time possible? This platform comes with a whole host of features that make the entire hiring process really seamless and hassle-free. At the core of its service is its Online Applicant Tracking System, a platform that provides users a complete recruitment solution for their recruitment needs.

Through Jobsoid, users are now able to switch to a hassle-free recruiting process and automate their hiring. From communicating with candidates, to posting on jobs on various job boards, managing all job applications and collaborating, Jobsoid is able to provide all of thee services under one solution.

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Jobsoid has always provided us with great experiences with a team that always answers our issues and queries tirelessly around the clock. Our overall experiences with their services have been positive and find that the entire team behind Jobsoid are very supportive to all its users. Their platform is user-friendly and has a wide range of options that really enhance the entire recruitment experience. From what we know, the team are known to be very receptive and aware of new ideas and suggestions from clients and always provide great customers' support.

What Are The Main Features Of Using Jobsoid?

  • Applicant Tracking System that centralises talent pool and allows users to quickly look for any information they need and sort through a large volume of applicants' resumes quickly
  • Easy ways to track candidates and applicants...

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  • Automatically convert resumes of different formats into uniformly-structured candidate profiles to generate candidate profiles in standard format
  • Tag candidates and group them based on categories to facilitate the whole screening process
  • Store any documents attached to resumes to quickly and easily preview and download them later
  • Add geographic location tags to candidates if you wish to hire in your preferred location
  • Tag applicants by industry experience if you wish to hire in specific industries
  • Tag applicants based on interview schedules, stages or date of applications
  • and much more!

Interviews Management With Jobsoid

Managing interviews is a breeze with Jobsoid. Users can send requests for interviews based on specific dates, times and batch them by available time slots for greater convenience. This can be done through their integrated calendar and email system that helps with interview scheduling, and hiring managers have all commented on how much easier it has made the job of scheduling interviews.

Using Jobsoid has helped us greatly eliminate the need for multiple emails sending. It automatically schedules interviews, making sure to prevent scheduling conflict and then update the calendar in real-time to make sure everything is in order before sending out any emails to candidates. Applicants can then pick a suitable time from your list of pre-approved slots, hence everything can be done in just 2 emails unlike the traditional way of having to send invitations back and forth constantly. Interviewees and recruiters will receive automated confirmations, notifications and reminders as the communication is going on...

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