Lay To The Bank Review - Does It Really Work? - Honest Review

Are you interested in finding out more about the Lay To The Bank horse race lay betting service, and does it really deliver profits on a regular basis? This strategy was put to the test with verifiable records on the 21st of January with £250 by its creator, Joe Hughes. Within the space of 2 months, he had already accumulated £1,100+ in profits from his betting account at Smarkets.

As evidenced by the screenshot below 2 more profit withdrawals were made after that. One is on the 4th of Feb for £300, and another of £500 on the 22nd of Feb. Both withdrawals took the betting bank down to £250. This shows that £250 is a suitable minimum starting betting bank balance and that profits can be accumulated quickly with this small starting amount...

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What Are The Benefits And Features Of Lay To The Bank?

  • Simple-to-understand which any new member can start following even if they have never placed a single lay bet in their lives
  • Uses a consistent lay-betting strategy that generates profits every month
  • Members simply follow the lay recommendation of the day that are sent out via email
  • Repeat the bets for each day of the week (Bet selections only available from Monday to Saturday with the occasional day off, while Sunday's are the off-days for Lay To The Bank)...

Full Lay To The Bank Review here! at