LeadPower.net Reviews - Does It Really Work?

There is no substitute for working with your warm market in network marketing. You’re typically going to get a far better response by contacting people that you already know because their is existing trust and rapport there. However, there is great merit in learning the art of working on a “cold market” (people that you have never met before). One way to do this is by buying leads from a companies that specialise in MLM lead generation.

What Do Companies Like LeadPower.net Do?

They collect contact details and screen those leads for their interest in network marketing opportunities. This means these leads already have an existing interest in the type of opportunity that you can offer to them.

If you would like to build your business in part by purchasing leads, here are some companies that people in the team are using with success currently:

  • LeadPower.net
  • LiveLeadStore.com
  • Platinumleads.com.au
  • ApacheLeads.com

LeadPower.net is on top of the list because it is one of the most effective lead generation companies that we have found...

Full Leadpower.net Reviews here! at https://scamorno.com/LeadPowernet/?id=gho-netreviews

Does LeadPower.net's Leads Really Convert?

  • You do get what you pay for, generally seven day leads or under are best. If you can afford fresh or realtime, then these will convert the best
  • You can also purchase leads from companies platinumleads.com.au, liveleadstore.com or apacheleads.com
  • Some people may not know how you got their contact details (they would have forgotten)
  • Some would have been called by other MLMers already, hence be mentally prepared to deal with that

What Is The Average Conversion Rate We Are Getting From LeadPower.net?

On average, for every 9 No’s that an average network marketer gets from the site, they get 1 Yes and that is the only thing to focus on.

  • The benefits of purchased leads far outweigh the negatives in our opinion:
  • You will never run out of leads to call
  • They allow you to improve your prospecting skills
  • They are affordable (priced at 50c-$4.50 each)
  • Genuine leads WANT what you are calling about because they have already registered their interest already – the pique is done for members before they even call
  • You have no emotional attachment to them, so if they are not interested in your opportunity – you just move on to the next lead!
  • They are a good way to grow an organisation – If 1 in 10 joins your business, you should know it’s just a case of doing the numbers consistently.
  • You can build the business from your own home, in your own time, at your own pace...

Full Leadpower.net Reviews here! at https://scamorno.com/LeadPowernet/?id=gho-netreviews