Life Without Plastic Reviews - Is Life Without Plastic Subscription Box Legit?

Are you thinking about signing up for the Life Without Plastic Subscription Box and will members really get their money's worth of high-quality plastic-free products as promised by their founders? Subscribers to this box will receive up to 8 ethically-sourced and Earth-friendly lifestyle and home items every season. It is currently priced at $54.95 plus $5.95 shipping, and is one of the quarterly home & lifestyle subscriptions that we cannot do without now.

Not all of the items are disclosed up-front to keep things excited, and we have always found ourselves pleasantly surprised by what is delivered. These items can range from anything like food with 100% free-of-plastic packaging, personal care items and durable goods. These are packed in a box containing 6 to 8 plastic-free products that are shipping at the beginning of every season.

Members will first have to choose between 3 options: annual, quarterly or a one-time box subscription. Then, they will receive the box typically at the last day of the month of the change of season. These items truly make a difference to our environment and we have found that there are not many things more exciting than receiving the Life Without Plastic Subscription Box...

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Is Life Without Plastic Subscription Box Right For You?

This is a great subscription for anyone who wants to get introduced to the world of plastic-free brands and alternatives. The box is full of zero-waste essentials that are great for everyday life, and gets one started on their plastic-free journey. If you are looking for a one-stop shop for Earth-friendly, high-quality, safe and ethically-sourced products, then there is really no better place to get started than Life Without Plastic Subscription Box.

It is only by subscribing to this box can one truly see how many high-quality alternatives there are to plastic products. This company is small business but are doing great things when it comes to environment protection and educating the world about plastics and why we should reduce their usage. Another popular option used by members is to give this box to a dear friend or family member who would benefit from a gift that makes a difference by breaking his or her dependence to plastic.

What Are The Benefits Of Subscribing To Life Without Plastic Subscription Box?

  • Reverse a person's addiction to plastic
  • Get started on the journey to a life without plastic by receiving a box full of plastic-free discoveries every season
  • Affordably priced plans that start from $49.95 every 3 months
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and are automatically renewed
  • Product ships worldwide from Canada...

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