Longshot Spotter Review - Does Longshot Spotter Really Work?

Would you like to find out the truth about the truth about the newly open Longshot Spotter and can it really help members earn more than £500 in less than a week strictly by betting on outsiders? This service is run by the professional horse racing bettor Paul Croft who has been making a living spotting long odds picks and turning those picks into long term profits. He has been doing this consistently for many years, demonstrating that there is real substance behind his method and is not just based on luck like so many other betting systems on the internet.

To profit from Longshot Spotter, all members have to do is subscribe and follow the bets that Croft sends out prior to the race days. At the time of writing, he is opening up spots to another 100 members after which membership will be closed again. This helps Croft to ensure that he can keep up and provide the best service and communication to all of his members.

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What Are The Features And Benefits Of The Longshot Spotter Strategy?

  • 80%-85% average of profitable betting days
  • 15%-20% average in finding longshot winners
  • 50%-55% average in finding selections that place
  • 70%-75% of selections on average make a profit
  • Best profit day of more than £300 profit while the worst losing day came in at only a  £11 loss
  • Requires only a minimum small starting staking amount of £5 for each way stakes to generate £600+ profit in a week
  • Leverages on the inefficiencies of the each-way betting market to generate regular profits from it
  • Learn to limit and keep losses to a minimal during losing periods
  • For any bettor who wishes to add a profitable outsider-based betting system to their portfolio...

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