Lucky Lauren Review - Is Lucky Lauren Legit?

Are you interested in finding out the truth about the Lucky Lauren horse betting tipster service and did the founder of this service, Lauren Dixon, really make more than £50,000+ in profits from horse race betting in the last 4 years? As it turns out, Lauren is someone who got exposed to the industry of horse race betting because of her pony trekking experiences when she was 9 years old. She used to work part-time in the Spa at Lingfield Park resort through a friend's recommendation. She also worked as a Work Rider in the mornings after she left college, which taught her a lot about the horses that she was riding.

Lauren started getting into horse race betting seriously when her ex-boyfriend started to quiz her about the horses that she rode and when they were riding next. It was then that she started to realise that the information she was overhearing at the yard and around the Spa on race days about the horses were valuable information that could give her a solid edge when it comes to profitable horse race betting.

How Is Lucky Lauren's Service Better Than Other Horse Race Tipster Services?

As Lauren has been involved with horses even before she turned 10, she has amassed a wealth of experience that not many in the world would have when it comes to the professional horse racing industry. This unique perspective gives her a real edge in the horse betting world, and members of her tipster service have been able to profit massively and consistently from her knowledge and picks. Anyone regardless of their starting horse betting experience can benefit from Lucky Lauren's service because she makes every instruction in her emails very simple to follow. It compounds even a small betting bank very quickly into a sizeable betting bank capable of generating good profits every single month...

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What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Lucky Lauren's Service?

  • Receive key information about horses such as horses that are running well and yard information from different reliable sources around the country
  • Access to Lauren's picks that have been making her consistent profits over the past 4 years
  • Information will be received before midday on most days. However, this is not a guarantee as Lauren's information may occasionally come out in mid-afternoon or the evening before, sometimes even an hour before the race
  • Betting picks are emailed to members every morning
  • Updates are provided to members as soon as they become available
  • Create a tax-free source of profit from a service from one of the most experienced experts in professional horse race betting...

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