Market Cipher Tutorial Review - Does Jayson Casper Course Really Work?

Do you wish to learn more about the Market Cipher Tutorial Jayson Casper Course and is this Market Cipher based trading system really legitimate and going to show members how to make consistently profits from trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Jayson Casper is a professional trader who has been using the Market Cipher tool to hone his trading strategy and finally become a profitable trader after years of testing and trial-and-error. His strategy has been observed to work best on the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets, and if you get a good grasp of how these 2 markets work, you will already have a good idea of how the other cryptocurrencies in the market move as well.

One of Jayson's key points in his trading is the preservation of trading capital, because blowing up your account will mean that you will not get another chance for a long time. As such, Jayson demonstrates exactly how to capture maximum profits from every big move in the markets while keeping risks minimising risks.

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What Are The Contents Included In Market Cipher Tutorial Jayson Casper Course?

1. Introduction & Basic Information

  • Setting Expectations And Mindset
  • How To Use And Customize Trading View
  • How To Read Charts, Price Action, Candlesticks, HA Candles, & Trends...

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2. Technical Analysis

  • Time frames and how to choose
  • How to Identify trends using multiple time frames
  • Support & Resistance Levels
  • Trend Lines
  • Channels
  • Top down Analysis
  • Moving Averages
  • Confluence trading
  • Fibonacci Retracements
  • Fibonacci Extensions & Obtaining Targets
  • Identifying Patterns
  • Setting Take Profit Levels
  • Identifying Fake-outs

3. Market Cipher

  • Market Cipher A
  • Market Cipher B 101
  • Market Cipher B 201
  • Market Cipher B 301
  • Market Cipher SR
  • Identifying the Environment
  • Finding the Right Timeframes
  • Finding Perfect Entries
  • Exiting a trade
  • Different types of waves (depending on the MFI)
  • Identifying Divergences
  • Identifying Repeating Patterns
  • 10/1 Method
  • Confluence trading with Market Cipher

4. Trading Strategy

  • Creating & Testing Your Own Strategy (Step by Step)
  • Back Testing 101
  • The 4/24 Trading Strategy
  • The 50/5 Trading Strategy
  • The CrossWap Trading Strategy
  • Swing Trading
  • Scalping
  • The Market Cipher Perfect Entry Strategy
  • Using an Exchange

4. Mindset & Risk Management

  • Trading Psychology
  • Mindset and Expectations
  • Risk Management
  • Stop Losses
  • Leverage
  • Managing a Trading Account
  • Risk to Reward Ratio & Perfect Entries...

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