MyAllergyDrops Review - Does MyAllergyDrops Really Work?

Are you interested in finding out more about the MyAllergyDrops product and does it really deliver medical-grade allergy immunotherapy through drops that are specific for each users' allergies? Despite the fact that the concept of allergy drops has been around for decades, and are widely used in Europe, they are till not approved as a regulated treatment for people with allergies. MyAllergyDrops are a relatively new allergies treatment option for people in the USA, and carry with it their own advantages and disadvantages.

In recent years, allergy shots have really caught on as a non-regulated alternative to allergy shots given how well they are working, without any side effects. Given the choice, most people would pick allergy drops over shots as they are easily administered, convenient and very effective.

Indoor Allergy Drops (Supplement Strength) -

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How Do You Start Using MyAllergyDrops?

The first step is to get an allergy test, which can be done right at home through their website which requires only one drop of blood to complete. A lab order can also be done from their website after which the user will have to take it to their local lab to have their blood drawn, which is usually covered by insurance.

After this is done, the allergy nurse from MyAllergyDrops will call to enquire about your health history and also get answers about your current allergy therapy. Next, the team will create high-potency, medical-grade antigens for you, which are the same ones used in traditional allergy shots. Finally, these drops will be sent to users who can then start using them by placing these drops under their tongue every day.

When Can You Start Using MyAllergyDrops?

Once your drops are ready, they will be shipped directly to your address free of shipping costs. This allows anyone to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of either supplement therapy or the medical-grade therapy drops.

With this option, members get to enjoy a whole host of benefits such as no co-pays, doctor's visits, shots, waiting half an hour for weekly injections etc. On top of that, MyAllergyDrops are painless and easy. FSA and HSA funds can be used to buy this therapy since it is a medical-grade therapy of medical substance prescribed by a medical doctor...

Full MyAllergyDrops Reviews here! at