Nova Tools Review - Do Nova Tools Really Work?

Are you interested to learn more about the Nova Tools platform and is it really one of the best platforms for organisations and teams to use to take advantage of their collective intelligence effectively and have the best platform for proper collaboration? Nova Tools is a platform that has long been used by various users for its highly effective ability to facilitate collaboration. Groups of people such as accelerators, consultants, marketing teams, innovation hubs, product managers, design teams, startups and teachers etc. have all reported Nova Tools to be their go-to collaboration online tool.

In terms of support, users can expect 24/7 live rep support on chat for both the English and Spanish languages. Participants on the platform are able to retain a much larger part of what is being shared due to the interactive and visual nature of Nova Tools, making it great for collaboration and teaching.

Demo for consultants – Nova Tools

How Can You Start Using Nova Tools?

We have found the entire process of using Nova Tools to be really quick and easy. Their tools are all uniquely created from scratch to deliver exactly what users need from them. To get started, the user would simply need to enter the work session and begin by choosing the right work space, be it a board or list. They can then add steps and define what types of resources participants will need at each step while defining who can view each step.

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The 2 main types of workspaces on Nova Tools are Whiteboards and Lists. Workboards are typically used whenever users need to use it for work sessions or during discussions and meetings. Lists provide more resources and are usually easier to follow when working asynchronously. It is most suitable for anything that would require a step-wise approach such as quizzes, training and other similar type sessions.

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Nova Tools?

  • Free up time that you would normally have to use for following up and trying to keep your team accountable or other time-blockers
  • Make working with your product team, freelancers, sales department, designers or for teaching much more seamless
  • Find the best practices and templates to properly track progress and make sure everyone is working effectively together
  • Manage collaboration efforts automatically by taking advantage of one of the most intelligent platforms
  • Makes collaboration much more reliable, easy and less time-consuming
  • Use it to do any of the following tasks perfectly:
  • Build marketing plan
  • Plan and manage social media marketing strategy
  • Plan and manage events
  • Run client surveys and interviews
  • Plan and manage marketing campaigns
  • Seamless collaboration with your team
  • Manage tasks and projects seamlessly...

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