Odysee Video Platform Review - Is Odysee Video Platform Legit?

Are you currently thinking about joining the Odysee Video Platform and is it living up to its promises of bringing back more freedom to the internet and make it more independent from the corporate incumbents that dominate most video platform such as Youtube today? Launched around the end of 2020 folliowing a beta version that went live in September, Odysee is a video-hosting platform that functions similarly to the giant of the industry, Youtube. Despite running smoothly and just being a great video platform in general, we have been surprised at how little attention it is getting despite the widespread censorship and corporatisation of videos that is ongoing in the internet today.

The entire interface of Odysee is very similar to Youtube, which makes it very intuitive and seamless to use even for new users. Users immediately see the list of popular topic categories and trending videos on its homepage. They can also upload their own videos onto their channels, like various videos and leave comments to indicate their approval and opinions.

Odysee.Com is a New Video Platform

What Are Some Of The Main Features And Benefits Of The Odysee Video Platform?

  • Video creators get to post content without fear of having them being taken down or censored
  • Viewers get to search and know that the search results are not specifically curated by a company that may have special interests to show certain types of videos and not others
  • Covers a wide range of topics today ranging from the informative to the downright odd ones
  • Has grown tremendously to more than 300,000+ content creators on the platform today
  • Content creators get to ensure that they will never be de-platformed from Odysee
  • Compared to its competitors such as Streamanity, Odysee Video Platform allows viewers to watch all videos for free since content creators cannot set videos to paid-only...

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