OneDrone Review - Is It Legit?

Are you looking for more information regarding the OneDrone online store, and can you really trust them to your drone purchases and with the quality of their drone and drone parts? Having order from this store many times before, we have to say that we are always very pleased with their products and their customer service as well. Even though we have made several mistakes with our purchases before, they were always quickly rectified by its owners and they answer all of their queries really quickly...

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Can You Really Trust The Products From OneDrone?

One of the mottos of this company is that they fly what they sell, and they only put onto their selections what they themselves deem good enough to fly. Today, they cover almost all major FPV/UAV brands, and we have always been highly satisfied by the quality of their products. Today, they are one of the largest TBS product distributors around the world and is a proud partner of Team BlackSheep.

EU customers will not have to pay duties but will have to pay VAT when purchasing products from OneDrone, which have already been included in the prices upon purchase...

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